Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Well said

It's time.

We have been in Mark Davis shock for so long, I'm glad you finally broke through. Like Harry Potter we have finally decided that treating him with so much reverence as "He who must not be named," has only given him more power.

So, I say again, with emphasis- MARK DAVIS

Though he continues to hurt us, maybe if we try to understand his evil spirit, then we can exorcise the demon.

I hate being in this place. I try to track every game. I think "hey at least they are scoring in the first few innings, that's a plus," but I KNOW they are going to lose. It's a dreadful certainty. No lead is safe. No pitching combo is safe. No bases loaded "hey Buck is up, he kills with runners in scoring postion," will save my dread and certainty that the game is over shortly after some yahoo sings "home of the Brave..."

Our pitching staff looked so good at the beginning of the year, and now... the dreaded words LEAGUE FREAKING AVERAGE COMES OUT OF MY MOUTH EVERY NIGHT. I'm so tired...

I also know that, and this hurts to say, the Tigres will not save us. They won't. I pass a church sign on the way home that says something to the effect of "none need saving." Well I agree. We don't need saving, we are not granted redemption. Missouri is cursed beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Given the way our sports are going, the Tigers are going to fail. I could pretend this is a reverse hex or jinx, but I know that I am only postponing the inevitable. There is no alternate strategy. There is no "maybe I could switch teams." We are stuck with the Blue, the Red, and the Black/Gold. We are stuck with pain and misery. We will not be saved... God I hate sports.

Enough. I'll post again when I can pretend I care. Going to the check box scores mode, no more tracking. No more local sports talk radio.