Monday, June 2, 2008

Royals progress and two Tiger tidbits

Good to see that the current regime will not tolerate ridiculous 12 game losing streaks. I'm a huge Billy B fan, but he was struggling mightily, and we needed TPJ out of the lineup. Aviles finally got the call-up that he deserved, and TPJ is riding pine (finally!).

Also, I'm a big fan of the Davies call-up. Bombko is going nowhere fast, and should be used only as mop-up to eat innings and save arms in my opinion. He's worn out, and very hittable. Getting Davies another extended audition after his solid start in AAA is a good thing.

On the Tiger front, our beloved Mizzou was disposed of in the baseball playoffs. Honestly though, the chances were really slim of advancing. They were facing the #1 team in the country in Miami, and really gave them a good run. Keep your eye on Aaron Crow. That dude is a stud and may end up a Royal.

Finally, Demarre Carroll made the wise decision to stay in school, giving us some much needed continuity for next season. I think we will see some real improvement in BB this year.

Dubya - OUT