Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Minor Talent

We have some hot prospects going right now, and that makes things exciting despite the lack of offense with the big club.

Moose seems to be heating up. He hit his second home run in 3 games last night and his average is on the steady increase (up to .210). The power stroke coming along is especially encouraging.
Aviles is STILL hitting the crap out of the ball, again prompting the question why we continue to settle for zero production out of the nine spot. He's hitting .344 with a 1.051 OPS. 14 doubles, 5 triples, and 6 HRs. Please, oh please, give him a shot. I'm tired of losing games where Bombko actually deserves a win.

Maier and Costa are also worth mentioning (.360 and .331 respectively) although the crowded outfield just makes them nice depth. I will say this though - Teahen and Guillen are on notice. A weak hitting corner outfielder and one that has as many strikeouts as total bases cannot be acceptable past June 30.

Pitching looks great with lots of depth. I expect the dominant Rosa (covered in another post) to be in Omaha within weeks, and the Davies is showing promise in Omaha currently (2.61 ERA in 6 starts). Lots to be positive about in the minors.